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A sex doll is also known as blowup or love doll. It is a type of sex toy crafted in the size and shape of the human partner for better masturbation. It may include a whole body or just pelvis and head. These parts sometimes vibrate and may be removable or interchangeable. Today you can buy sex doll as per your taste, budget, and personality. Some companies can even customize the facial features and body type as you desire. So, let’s check out some amazing facts.

1. Life-Sized Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Brothels are Popular

If you think that the girlfriend, spouse, or lover would ditch you down for a doggie style, blow job, or some strange sex position, then realistic sex doll is the solution. They are famous among-est men because these beautiful toys offer them the pleasure they want. Also, they have a look and feel like that of real women that makes the experience even more incredible. Furthermore, sex doll brothels are rising around the globe. You can now spot them throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States. It seems that this trend will continue in the next few years.

2. Legal Restrictions in Botswana

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Botswana lawmakers have placed restrictions on the importation of sex doll for men. As per Section 178, buying sex toys in Botswana is illegal. The law further eliminates the right to lend, trade in, import, export, possess, or showcase vulgar objects.

3. Adolf Hitler - Father of Sex Dolls?

Allied bombers and French resistance are not only the threats that Adolf Hitler’s Nazi soldiers encountered in Paris during World War 2. As per the reports, syphilis - bacterial infection usually spread by sexual contact with French prostitutes posed a more danger. To fulfill their sexual desires, Hitler permitted to create small size blow-up sex dolls for men so that it would fit perfectly into the backpack of the soldiers. They were made from silicone so that it offers more pleasure to the sailors. Few people even claim that Hitler itself provided the measurements and built inflatable doll.

4. There is a Man in America who is Married to a Sex Doll

Davecat met his future wife Sidore Kuroneko at a goth club in the year 2000. Sidore is a real doll manufactured by Abyss Creations like that of a human woman. Although Sidore and Davecat are not legally married, they do have matching wedding bands that signify “synthetik love last forever.” He also owns two other dolls that he sees as his companion.

5. In Japan, Sex Dolls are Known as ‘Dutch Wives’

Few of the first love dolls were innovated by Dutch sailors in the 17th century who feel lonely during their long voyages. They created them out of leather and then traded them to Japanese men who still use this strange term.

6. Sex dolls are Heavy

Silicone doll is considered as the best sex doll. Synthetic sex dolls can weigh as much as 1156 pounds and start at near about 75 pounds.

7. Doll Lovers are Called IDollators

IDollators are the people who love the companionship of the sex dolls. They usually share their ideas, fears, visions, and obviously their love for these realistic silicon dolls for a hefty price.

8. Barbie Was Based on a Sex Doll

In 1950, Bild Lilli doll was released in Germany for the horny adult men. This small doll is based on a beautiful German actress. Although she does not have “um” and “holes,” she was erotic and sexy. This is how the idea of the Barbie doll was inspired.

9. Howard Stern is Wholly Responsible for the Popularity of Modern Sex Dolls

In 1990, Howard Stern ordered a realistic love doll for his show and had sexual intercourse with it in air. This increases the popularity, and the agency now sells as many as 300 dolls every year at just 5,500 each.

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